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Japan time Established on August 20, 2023, revised on April 10, 2024

yuminQuakelive   General Affairs Department Business Management Division
same      Information Systems Department SNS Monitoring Division


this server:Indicates yuminQuakeliveOfficalServer
this Guideline:Indicates Guidelines for using this server
participant:Indicates the members participating in yuminQuakeliveOfficalServer.
administrator:Indicates participants with moderator and administrator roles.
attached File:This refers to images, videos, audio messages, stamps, etc.
Personal information: refers to address, real name, phone number, etc.

The server is managed and operated by yumin Quakelive.
Those who participate in this server and those who use this server must agree to these guidelines.
You must be at least 13 years of age as per Discord's Terms of Service.

Prohibited matter

  1. Acts that violate the laws and regulations of the destination country or region
  2. Acts that violateDiscord's Termsand Discord Community Guidelines
  3. Sending messages containing personal information
  4. Attaching messages and files containing sexual content on channels other than R18
  5. Acts of discriminatory remarks or sending messages or attachments that the administrator deems inappropriate.
  6. Acts of sending messages or attachments that participants find offensive, such as abusive language or defamation.
  7. Sending messages or attachments that promote suicide, self-harm, or substance abuse
  8. Other acts of sending messages or attachments that participants find offensive.
  9. Repeated calling, spamming, and mentioning a specific role (member role, etc.) without permission

If the administrator discovers or confirms any act that violates the above, we will take immediate action as soon as it is discovered.
We will take action such as time-out or ban.